How to convert Bijoy to Unicode – Proper Guideline

bijoy to unicode

Bangla typing is essential in our regular life. We have to write a lot of Bengali contents every day. Most people don’t get a proper guideline about converting their written text from Bijoy to Unicode.

We have to convert Bijoy to Unicode as in some of the websites or platforms, Bijoy doesn’t work. Then we have to convert the text into Unicode. If you have entered this link, then it is sure that you are also facing the same problem. So, let’s know how to solve this problem using Unicode conversion.

For converting Bijoy to Unicode, you will find a lot of platforms online. But not all the platforms are not good working. So, which is the best platform for converting Bijoy to Unicode? There you will find a lot of better platforms for converting Bijoy and Unicode.

Here is some website’s list for converting Bijoy to Unicode:


Bijoy To Unicode Convertor

All these online tools are open and free to use. Bengali writers and journalists have to write a lot in Bengali, and they face problems in writing as text written in Bijoy is not displayed well. Moreover, the book written in Bijoy might end up with missing texts or broken text. That’s why we need to convert them into Unicode.


How to convert from Bijoy to Unicode

For converting the text from Bijoy text to Unicode, you have to follow some instructions.

Bijoy to Unicode

  • First, you have to choose a specific site for converting Bijoy text to Unicode text. You can select any one site from the three sites mentioned above. Or if you find any site which is better for you, you can also choose that one.
  • Then copy the text you are going to convert.
  • After you have copied all the text, go to the convertor’s website, and you will find an option of pasting the text written in Bijoy.
  • You will also find an option named convert into Unicode. Just click on that, and the website will automatically convert all your text into Unicode from Bijoy. It is a matter of only a few minutes.
  • You can clear all the text once the conversion is done by clicking on the clear button.


Why use Bijoy to Unicode?

Avro is the most famous writing software for writing text in Unicode format. But most of the Bijoy users don’t know how to use Avro. That’s why they use Bijoy and then convert them into Unicode for publishing on the internet. Moreover, the writers also use this conversion to publish their writings in newspapers and books.


Wrapping Up

That’s all about this Bijoy text to Unicode text conversion. I hope you have successfully understood how to convert from Bijoy to Unicode. So, get started by following these instructions, and you will be successful in your work.

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