How to Convert Avro To Bijoy – Proper Guideline

avro to bijoy

Those of us, who write blogs or stories in Bengali? Must know how necessary it is for us to write in Bengali. So, we use different types of keyboards to write Bangla. The easiest of them is the Avro keyboard. So, we most of the time prefer Avro keyboard tie for typing. Bijoy keyboard has many types of fonts which are not present in Avro.

Because of this cause, different offices usually prefer a Bijoy font, and also you want to use the Bijoy fonts. If you work a little smartly, you can quickly turn Avro font into a Bijoy font. And no one will even notice it. I believe my post readers are smart guys!

I will give you proper guidelines, so follow it step by step. Many people face problems while converting from Avro to Bijoy. Hope you don’t face the problem if you can follow it properly.

I will tell you two types that will convert writing Avro quickly to Bijoy. So let’s get started…


Convert to Avro to Bijoy through the website:

I have research and come up with three websites that will make it easier for you to convert Avro to Bijoy. For your favor, I am giving the link next to the name:

You can copy and paste your articles (Avro text) into websites. Then click on the Unicode from Bijoy. Don’t panic when you see Unicode. Unicode is another name for Avro. I hope you were able to convert Avro to Bijoy.


How to manual convertion:

  • First, you go to the Avro tab or have an Avro hidden icon in the tab and click on it.
  • Then go to settings from the Avro icon or the Avro tab.
  • You can quickly get option 4(Unicode to Bijoy Converter) from Avro tab settings. And if you want to go Avro icon, then right-click on the mouse pointer then select —-> Tools —-> Unicode to Bijoy Converter.
  • A website like a pop-up will appear in front of you.
  • Now you convert your Avro text to Bijoy text, let’s finish it.


Now how to change Bijoy fonts:

I hope you will successfully convert your fonts. Now you have an essential task to do. Turn on the Bijoy keyboard with your converted fonts in Microsoft Office or Notepad. Paste the text. If Bijoy has English font Select, the text will be encoded. Which means it will look random. Don’t be afraid. If Bijoy Selects any Bangla font, the text can be seen. Now you take any Bangla font as you wish like (SutonnyMU). I hope you understand. Let’s enjoy it!!

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